Disclaimer and Important Notes

We act as business facilitators for the closing of commodity transactions between the End Buyer and the End Seller. We are not offering products either as End Sellers or End Buyers.

We bring contact and efficiency on a commission basis included in price and paid either by Buyer or Seller or jointly. All agreements in form of NCNDA / IMFPA acknowledge by both parties and endorsed by both Seller and Buyer banks in the interest of transparency.

AGR work hard to have accurate information about availability and pricing conditions. We recognize that honoring NCNDA and IMFPA represents a signal of ethical and good moral attributes of business. We deal in Good Faith.

All due diligence is the responsibility of the Buyer and Seller. Documents sent by us are never to be considered a solicitation for any purpose in any form or content.

The agent shall be informed of the development of the transactions by receiving copies of the correspondence made between the Buyer or Buyer’s Mandate and the Seller. This has to do with transparency. AGR requires that a copy of all document related to the transaction success or failure in the application process should be sent to all parties involved in the business.


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